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I have recently been diagnosed with a terminal illness.  

Although it is not my first choice to experience this right now, it is reality and I AM dealing with it.
So as long as my health permits I AM focusing on two things.

I have a very large amount of nice quality furniture, decorating accessories, dishes, rugs, etc., to sell over the next several months. Most all of this is in "like new" 

to "excellent condition" and was used in a home staging business. There are some great styles, looks and I AM going to be offering some tremendous deals on everything.

During this time I will also be working on a documentary about my end of life process. The money that I Am recouping or making from the furniture will be used to help finance the documentary which is entitled, Christmas in September.  

Now, back to the furniture.

The primary place I will be selling all of this is in the "by owner" category on Portland’s Craigslist.
I don’t really fit the “dealer” category and because of my low pricing on past staging furniture I have
sold the dealers delete my listings because they don’t want any competition.

I live in the Milwaukie/Oak Grove area and I will provide my address and do my best to work by
appointment for your convenience.  I also have a few friends who will help if I AM unable to on
particular day or time. If you should change your mind about coming by please don't leave us
hanging.  Notify us. In other words, we are always polite to you, please be polite with us. 
Thank you.

I AM pricing this furniture to sell fast so please do not send me low ball offers as I will ignore them.  If you want a response when you send an email here is all you have to do…

*Be concise. 

*I probably don't know the "wood type" or much about any one piece of furniture
so it is really a waste of time to ask.

*Read the listing. Most of the questions people ask are already answered in the listing.

*Provide a contact phone number. No texting.

*Be Polite.

  I have too much furniture and too little time to play a game of "50 emails" to sell one piece of furniture. Outside of that, if you choose to you can have a very fun time shopping for some terrific furniture etc., at really fun prices.

The rest of my time is spent creating the Christmas in September documentary about my dying process.   

You can see more about this project and the chronicling of my experience at,


Thank you!


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