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I have recently been diagnosed with a terminal illness.  With that said I have a very large amount of very nice quality furniture that I will be selling over the next several months as
my health dictates.  Most of the furniture is in "like new" to "excellent condition"
and was used in a home staging business. There are some great styles, looks
and I AM going to be offering some tremendous deals on not only the furniture
but all the decorating accessories, rugs etc.

During this time I will also be working on a documentary about my end of life process.
The money that I Am recouping or making from the furniture will be used to help finance the documentary which is entitled, Christmas in September.  

 I also have a website where I AM chronicling this whole end of life process called,
www.myendofbody process.com.

Now, back to the furniture.

I will be having several large sales but also listing on Craigslist. I post in the "owner" section as I AM really not a dealer on this furniture and because of my low pricing the dealers delete my postings.

Here at the house I AM happy to work by appointment and I also have a few friends who will help if I AM unable to on particular day or time.

I AM pricing this furniture to sell fast so please do not send me low ball offers as I will ignore them.  I live in the Milwaukie/Oak Grove area and will provide my address when an appointment is made.   Please try to be concise in your emails and provide a contact phone number or you might not get a response.  I have too much furniture and to little time to play a game of "50 emails" to sell a piece of furniture. Plus, there are way too many scams on Craigslist and I AM not going to be wasting my time trying to figure out what is what. 

So I repeat, if you want a response...

No low ball offers
If the item is on the site it means it is still available...(99% of the time)
Provide contact phone number...no texting in your email
Please be concise with your emails. 
If you need to know "exact wood type", or ask a bunch of questions that I have already answered in the description then you probably should shop elsewhere.  Outside of that, you can have a very fun time shopping for some terrific furniture etc., at really fun prices.

Thank you!


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